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Nazi gass mask

no filter

Code: 50783

35.00 GBP

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Micky Mouse WW2 childs gass mask

with box and pappers

Code: 50784

75.00 GBP

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Police Riot Helmet

good order 62 cm

Code: 50782

35.00 GBP

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British police stab vest

over 50 in stock at shop

Code: 50781

39.99 GBP

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WW2 Medals

1939/45 star Alantic star African star war medal
STO. S Dimond merchant navy

Code: 50780

89.00 GBP

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Runwayside Conring TM Made in USA

Runway Lamp

Size: 65cm x 45cm

Code: 50779

950.00 GBP

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Kent night helmet badge

black kings crown helmet plate

Code: 50777

25.00 GBP

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Ministary police helmet plate

Chrome and enamel 10 by 12 cm

Code: 50776

20.00 GBP

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pair trench art decorated shells

14 1/2 inch tall by 4 inch opening

Code: 50769

145.00 GBP

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Dutch WW2 fighting knife

13 inch in leather case wooden handle 1930

Code: 50369


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